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VoIP услуги от АйТрейд България
Why iTrade Bulgaria
  • Economic and safe solutions with high reliability and efficiency

  • Low prices without compromising the quality

  • Proven professionals with extensive experience in the field

  • Equipment from leading companies such as CISCO and HP

  • 24/7 Support and monitoring by qualified personnel

  • Checking account balance in real time

What is VoIP ?

VoIP or IP telephony is an alternative to conventional telephony that everyone has at home. Likewise the IP telephony ensures high quality of the service and does not make you change your phone habits (just lift the headphone and dial), but in contrast, is much more effective and leads to significant reduction in telephone costs.


In order to take advantage of the IP telephony, the only thing required is to have an internet connection and a phone*. Through the Internet, you connect to our network and hence the responsibility for building the call is ours.

It is also possible to make calls from a computer using a software called "softfon" (a software phone), and thus you will only need headphones and a microphone.


  • Dramatic reduction of telephony cost, in some cases up to 70%.
  • You do not need new infrastructure, if you already have an IP one.
  • Realtime Call details record


Depending on the different monthly consumptions, we offer several plans. In case your monthly consumption significantly exceeds our offerings, please contact us so we can make an individual one to meet your needs. Alternatively you may visit our Rates page.