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VoIP телефонни централи от АйТрейд
Why iTrade Bulgaria
  • Economic and safe solutions with high reliability and efficiency

  • Low prices without compromising the quality

  • Proven professionals with extensive experience in the field

  • Equipment from leading companies such as CISCO and HP

  • 24/7 Support and monitoring by qualified personnel

  • Checking account balance in real time

VoIP PBX by iTrade

iTrade offers development of a New Generation Hybrid IP PBX designed to meet your business communication needs. Our solution provides connection regardless of the technology, VoIP, GSM gateways or fixed lines. We design our telephone exchanges to expand easily, to ensure high reliability, high quality of the provided services, and last but not least on an affordable cost. The VoIP PBXs offer greater flexibility and a huge range of features. Furthermore we provide the ability to develop additional functions based on specific business needs, while remaining at a very affordable price.

At iTrade we are specialized in the development of VoIP PBX with high reliability at low price. Our rich experience in the field of communication technologies and highly qualified staff will help you choose the best solution to match your business needs.

The VoIP telephone exchanges provide many advantages over the standard analog telephone systems, as the greatest of these is the low cost of calls. In the presence of several offices, the connection between them is completely free of charge, which is impossible to achieve with the conventional PBXs.

The VoIP telephone exchanges enable us to develop tailored made modules to best suit your requirements, such as recognition of a client by the call number, display of customer information, systems for customer relations (CRM), etc..

What you get from an iTrade PBX

  • High quality, reliable Next Generation IP PBX
  • Cost optimization
  • Ability to communicate with several operators to achieve even greater optimization
  • Call statistics in real time. You can track who talks and to what destination.
  • Over 200 functions in the standard installation
  • Ability to develop additional functionalities based on your business needs
  • Virtually unlimited internal and external lines/li>
  • Possibility for conference calls


Standard features